Welcome to Greater New Paltz
Community Partnership
The Greater New Paltz Community Partnership is a community coalition striving to enhance positive youth development and reduce substance abuse among youth in the New Paltz School District (New Paltz New York) through: youth leadership training, multi-media educational campaigns, activities designed to support and empower youth & parents, community involvement and recognition, skill building, etc.


We are grateful for the financial resources provided through the Drug Free Communities grant program which enable us to provide valuable information, resources and opportunities within the greater New Paltz community.


In addition, we extend our gratitude to more than 125+ members and volunteers who give of their time, skills, expertise, and resources as we come together with shared vision and purpose.

GNPCP Monthly News Video

Youth Leadership Training

GNPCP works with local youth through the New Paltz School District, the New Paltz Youth Program, and other community settings. We are committed to supporting youth and providing positive opportunities that help them develop their skills, talents, confidence, and abilities. Some of the specific projects currently under way are:
    • Bystander Intervention
    • Collaborative Partnership with New Paltz HS
      Peer Educators
To learn more about our bystander intervention initiative,” Step UP!,” please check out this video.

GNPCP Sponsored By:

The Greater New Paltz Community Partnership is proudly sponsored by the Office of National Drug Control Policy through a Drug Free Communities Grant.